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Five key points of playing and singing - there is no easy instrument, and you can't rush to learn guitar

Are you facing the dilemma of hand mouth incongruity like many beginners of guitar? You can sing a song and play its guitar accompaniment, but the two things just can't be done together?
In fact, playing and singing by yourself is a difficult challenge for beginners. You must have enough sensitivity to the time point and rhythm in the music, and integrate the two actions of "singing" and "playing" to be able to play and sing by yourself smoothly. Like other guitar playing skills, as long as you practice, you can do it well.
1. Just like a pianist playing different rhythms with two hands at the same time, or a drummer using his limbs independently, you need to integrate the rhythm of your guitar and the rhythm of your singing to make them sound close. Playing and singing are not really two separate things.
2. Don't complicate the matter of playing and singing because you choose songs beyond your level, which will only make you feel frustrated and frustrated. Start with a simple song you like and are familiar with, such as happy birthday song, which has only a few simple chords, simple rhythm and lyrics.
3. If you are remembering how to press the chord B7, it is impossible for you to sing at the same time. Your guitar level must at least be able to easily change the chord you need. It means that when you brush the rhythm, you don't have to worry about how to press the chord at all, which allows you to concentrate on your singing.
4. To have an accurate beat point and sense of rhythm, you should practice with the metronome. Although it will make you feel tied at the beginning, the metronome will make you a more stable guitarist. Spend ten minutes every day scanning the rhythm with the metronome, and you will find yourself making significant progress in a few weeks.
5. In addition to knowing the correct time to change chords, you also have to be familiar with the melody and lyrics of the song. At this time, put your guitar down and let yourself concentrate on singing. Pick a song and memorize the lyrics, and sing it out loud. Sing it along with the song or when you take a bath, sing it to your cat, and sing it until you can sing it without counting the time.

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